When the pandemic started, my parents were very concerned.

They limited their social interactions.

They cut back on attending all but the biggest family events.

Over time, life had to continue.

Mom and Dad started going to the store.

They attended a few more of their grandkids’ little league games.

They always wore masks when they went out.

Then, someone from their church small group was put on hospice for a non-covid related illness.

The small group, some of whom had met monthly for 35 years, wanted to see their friend.

The numbers of cases and hospitalization were dropping.


At WrightIMC, we will always be transparent with our strategies and tactics. We don’t believe there are above-board, white hat SEO trade secrets.

Disclaimer: We don’t reveal client trade secrets or details that we are asked to keep to ourselves — especially.

The strategies and tactics we employ as SEO professionals are an open book to anyone who asks.

Recently, we’ve noticed a growing trend among some respected and prolific SEO sages. There is a proclivity to keep SEO knowledge close to the chest. This line of thinking has two main justifications:

  1. If I tell everyone how I do it…

Tony Wright

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